Managing director Andreas Wimmer

Who we are ...

WIMMER International, founded in 1984, is an Austrian family business. WIMMER is active in development and construction of excavator attachments. The headquarters of WIMMER Hartstahl and WIMMER Felstechnik are in Thalgau, abbout 80 employees are working in this facility.In Budweis (CZ) there is a daughter company. Also some parts of the production take place in Budweis.


Quality without Compromise.

This is the simple motto of WIMMER. Based on this commitment, we have formulated our key objectives and guidelines:

We want to offer our customers the best possible solutions. Whether off-the-shelf products or special solutions – our success depends entirely on the satisfaction of our customers.

By investing in in-house research and development, we ensure that our products always conform to the latest technology. Our competence in the development of customised solutions is one of our key strengths. Together with our customers, we develop special tools for any type of application.

Our products are designed for use under the most demanding conditions. We therefore use only top-quality raw materials from established suppliers. In our production processes, we rely on the expertise and dedication to quality of our staff. To achieve our objectives, we offer our employees further training opportunities and a working environment that encourages commitment and diligence.