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Company history

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A lot has happened since the foundation in 1984 and we can look back on an eventful history. We have grown step by step. In addition to the constant expansion of the product range and the increasing number of employees with the associated expansion of our buildings, we look back on many highlights and innovations - and look forward to the future!

Company history


Foundation of the company Wimmer Hartstahl GmbH &CO KG by engineer Alois Wimmer. Initially bucket and undercarriage repairs up to the first self-manufactured buckets.


The invention and market launch of the hydraulic quick-change system A-Lock, and this the first step towards an overall concept for hydraulic excavators. 


Relocation to the newly built production plant in Thalgau for higher production capacity.


Founding year of Wimmer Felstechnik and expansion of the product portfolio to include demolition tools, attachment drill rigs and row drilling rigs. WIMMER is the first complete supplier of an "overall concept for the...


Founding of the Czech company WIMMER Felstechnik, WIMMER International CZ s.l.r.) as a 100% subsidiary in České Budějovice. The local production mainly consists of machined small parts. 


ISO 9001 certification of Wimmer Hartstahl for high quality and safety standards in production and sales.


Founding year of Wimmer Canada Inc. in Montreal, today sales location for the US Eastern States.


Conversion/extension of the office wing and construction of a multimedia training centre. 


Market launch of the A-Lock Oilmatic, the first fully automatic quick-change system in Central Europe. New, additional hall for rental fleet and service built.


Modernisation of the České Budějovice site and construction of a new production hall. Also in 2005 construction of the seminar centre Rannberg.


Wimmer Hartstahl is voted the best family-owned company in the province of Salzburg in nationwide ranking. 


Market entry with the Oilmaxx system, another fully automatic quick-change system. Development of the rotary swivel adapter "Tiltator". 


Further expansion of the office wing. Takeover of general agency and service for Klemm deep drilling rigs in Austria and South Tyrol. 


 Redesign and modernisation of the corporate design.


Managing Director Ing. Alois Wimmer is honoured by Baublatt.Österreich with the award "The Golden Shovel 2015". This is awarded for special services in the construction industry. 


Development of the unique bucket configurator "Selektor". Customers and sales representatives can use it to quickly and easily configure an individually tailored bucket. It goes on-line in English, French and Czech.


New office building for our site in České Budějovice. 


Wimmer North America set up.


Conversion of a large part of the power supply at the Thalgau headquarters to our own ecological photovoltaic system and the construction of charging stations to promote electro-mobility.


Expansion of the České Budějovice site with an additional production hall.


Since August 2019 the Felstechnik GmbH is entitled to the leadership of the federal coat of arms as an award for extraordinary achievements.

In order to deliver the best possible for our customers, we first have to explore the limits of the impossible.

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