A-Lock Oilmatic

Greatest convenience and maximum speed when changing tools

  • Coupling the electrics for controlling solenoid valves
  • Automatic pressure relief, tool detection and leakage oil switching
  • Coupling mechanism internal, protected against external influences (dirt, damage), suitable for underwater use
  • 2-step technology protects the couplings, long service life
  • SPS controlled, oil tuning (automatic adjustment of oil quantity and pressure) possible
  • Internal, drip-free couplings
  • No cleaning effort and no environmental pollution due to brake cleaner

Technical data

Availability by classes*

* Tools are interchangeable within classes 3 / 3 Combi. **The classification based on excavator weight is only a rough guideline.
Class* Kl 3 Kl 3 Combi
excavator weight, to** 12–24 24–38

Wimmer in action

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