Economical quick-change technology for all excavator sizes

  • Solid, simple construction
  • Reverse of attachment tools (bucket reversal) possible
  • 100% backlash-free thanks to patented (patent no. US 7,198,451 B2) cone locking system
  • Hydraulic force reversal, thus no jamming
  • Safety circuit and continuous pressurisation of the interlocking device
  • For excavators up to 130 tonnes

Technical data

*The classification based on excavator weight is only a rough guideline. WL 750 to WL 1000 are individually planned, technical data on request!
Model WL 150 WL 200 WL 250 WL 350 WL 450 WL 550 WL 650
dead weight, kg approx. 32 approx. 55 approx. 90 approx. 170 approx. 280 approx. 400 k. A.
Excavator weight, to 1,5–3 3–6 6–12 10–18 16–24 24–38 33–45

Wimmer in action

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