Winter action hammers-2023

Winter service for hammer drills

Also this year there is again our service action for hammer drills!

With their experience and the necessary special equipment, our professionals ensure that
your hydraulic breakers start the new working year perfectly maintained.

What service work is performed?

- Remove chisel and check for wear. Sharpen or replace if necessary.
- Check pick guide bushings, pick retaining pins and their fuses for wear
and replace if necessary.
- Unscrew mounting plate, pull hammer out of housing, clean all parts
, check for wear and replace necessary parts.
- Completely disassemble hammer mechanism, clean all parts and check for wear, cracks,
tightness and function. Check hammer piston and thrust ring and regenerate if
- Replace defective or worn parts. Completely reseal hammer
and complete with necessary new parts.
- Fill pressure accumulator, check quick coupler mounting plates and repair after
- Check play in housing and distance if necessary, replace if necessary
guide plates.
- Install hammer in housing and screw on mounting plate.
- Function test on test bench.

Interest aroused? Then contact our service team.

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