FU1000-B (1)-web

The new FU1000

In the current issue of the Wimmer-News we promised to quickly provide the first pictures of the operation and voilà - here they are: The "FU forces" are already working at our customer Lampersberger GmbH. As special tongs for demolition there are ...

YF Milling Machine Moldan-2-web

yellowFOX in action

Finally! The first application pictures in 'yellow' are here! 35 years of Wimmer tunneling experience and Liebherr's experience have gone into the development of the yellowFOX. The platform - with a stronger undercarriage - is built by Liebherr ...


Wimmer News Summer Issue

The hot off the press issue of Wimmer News 2023 is here! As always, packed with reports on our products and exciting stories about Wimmer and its customers. We hope you enjoy browsing through it! Download here!