Blue Badger

A compact excavator for maximum safety and highest precision in tunnel construction.

The BLUE BADGER from Wimmer is a tunnel boring machine, specially developed for applications in connection with the "New Austrian Tunneling Method". It is preferentially applicable in case of limited space and thus particularly suitable for tunnel cross sections from Ø 3.5m height. The boom, or rather its mobility, serves a flexible and wide-ranging application in tunnel construction.

  • Total weight: approx. 14 t
  • Engine power: 53.7 kW/73 hp
  • Engine type: Turbo Diesel
  • Hydraulics: 185 l/min at 290 bar
  • Fuel capacity: 105l
  • Electrical system: 12V 


  • Drilling rigs
  • Tunnel spoon
  • Hydraulic hammers
  • Hydraulic milling
  • Demolition tongs
  • Special tools
  • Tunnel arch gripper
  • Special tunnel swivel arm with 2×45 ° swivel bearing
  • Optimal lateral routing of hoses and lines
  • Wimmer quick coupler for an easier tool change
  • Special arrangement of the cylinders for better protection of the components
  • Kinetics from the boom optimized for tunnel driving
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