Smallest tunnel boring excavator of its kind

A small excavator for smaller tunnel cross-sections with an entry height of 2.3m

The miniBadger is the ideal machine for tunnel cross-sections from 6.2 m². The compact tunnel boring machine has no operator's cab and is controlled exclusively by remote control. The comparatively high total weight of around 12 tons generates a high breakaway and ripping force.

  • Total weight: approx. 12 t
  • Engine power: 53.7 kW
  • Engine type: Turbo Diesel
  • Minimum tunnel height: 2.7 m
  • Minimum tunnel width: 2.3 m
  • Minimum tunnel width for
  • 180° rotation: 3.2 m
  • Stalk: 1900 m 
  • Drilling rigs
  • Tunnel spoon
  • Hydraulic hammers
  • Hydraulic milling
  • Demolition tongs
  • Special tunnel swivel arm with 2×45 ° swivel bearing
  • Optimal lateral routing of hoses and lines
  • Wimmer quick coupler for an easier tool change
  • Special arrangement of the cylinders for better protection of the components
  • Kinetics from the boom optimized for tunnel driving
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