Flexibility & High Efficiency

The yellowFOX will be usable for working heights from 4.2 m. The basis for the yellowFOX is a Liebherr platform, which is specially made for Wimmer. This is not a standard platform, but a special design: a Liebherr 914 Compact Litronic upper carriage with a Liebherr 920 Compact Litronic undercarriage. The boom of the excavator is - as with the Badger family - a Wimmer custom-made design.

  • Breakaway force: 120kN
  • Tearing force: 115kN
  • Operating weight: approx. 22 tons
  • Engine output 90 kW Tier 4 Final, Stage V
  • Working height: 4.2 m - 7 m
  • Special tunnel swivel arm with 2 x 45 ° swivel bearing
  • Protected routing of hoses and lines for better protection against damage
  • Tunnel A-Lock quick coupler with SUVA type examination certificate
  • Bucket cylinder with push rod for complete protection of the cylinder
  • Kinematics of the boom optimized for tunnel driving

Safety equipment:

  • Integrated fire extinguishing system
  • Emergency stop button at the rear
  • Rear view camera - optional Blaxtair person recognition system

Standard equipment:

  • Central lubrication system
  • Reversible fan
  • 2-strut base plate 500 mm with chain scraper
  • Refueling pump
  • Flame retardant hydraulic oil (PAG)

yellowFOX in action

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